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Stop Stop break my heart 'cuz the boys are in the house. Just enjoy this love song ♪


Melissa. 15. Brazil. São Paulo. Osasco. Casa.
K-POP. Christina Aguilera. The Ready Set.
SNSD. BigBang. Teen TOP.


I’ll take care of you until whenever, no matter how sad, I can only laugh, even though I’m tired and hurt, I can only endure, even if you leave, I can’t catch you, even still, with your trust we can only be forever. ♪

Since you are not by my side every single day by day, it’s like hell to me! It hurts to the point of death, it’s so hard, I’m about to go crazy ♪

I want to dream forever with you (...) my exhausted heart beats once again, my weak heart has found light again I want to hold your hand and walk like this forever ♪

Ooh, I'm sorry for blaming you. For everything I just couldn't do. And I've hurt myself by hurting you ♪

Apesar de tudo, não sou dramática, eles que são.

Teen TOP Brazil


Porque meu esmalte é cor Poodle

happy 700th day my teen top babies. You were the first rookie group that I fell in love with and have been falling in love with since. I wasn’t there since debut but not long after and luckily I’ve been able to see you grow from the tiny kids in clap to the very handsome guys in To You. I am so proud of each of you and I have always been proud to call my self an Andromeda and then an Angel. C.A.P - when I first say you I thought you were going to be serious guy but it turns out you’re just as childish as the others and I love you for that. Chunji - A Chunji you are such a little hoe always saying you’re the visual when obviously it’s ljoe huhu You have an amazing voice that I’m glad I get to hear. LJoe - ;~; Byunghun you perfect little… you seem so cold and cocky at first but in reality you’re a shy little guy who lived in the state next to me. I love you little chicky. Niel - I love you niel and all your parts even though sometimes you get too many. Ricky - baby licky~ the most beautiful pig in the world. I love you and whenever I hear your singing voice I want to cry and you are so cute and funny ahhhh Changjo- Our dancing boy you’ve grown so much and now you get so many line and oh I wanted to cry. Teen Top- It’s been great seeing you improve and become more amazing than I though possible. I am so proud and can’t wait to see what great accomplishments you bring in the future ;~; I love you teen top babies. I hope I write an even longer letter on our 10000000th day c:

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